FLOW by PhotoLynx

Flow® by PhotoLynx is a capture program that gives you the capability to match student images and data. It has a robust layout creator that allows you to build and print different items such as ID cards, proof sheets and order forms. Use the powerful Green Screen tools in Flow® to knockout and apply your own backgrounds. When all of your images and data are matched and packages are entered, you can send your order directly to your lab.

Simplify your capture and pre-production workflow


  • Direct communication with Ecommerce Galleries
  • Instant on-site ID cards and proof sheets
  • Improved multiple pose workflow
  • Simple user interface
  • Improved data management
  • Multiple project ability
  • Efficient and accurate layout building tools
  • Ability to directly FTP jobs and orders
  • Create a range of financial, student, photographed lists and reports, all exportable to Excel and pdf formats
  • Flexible package entry system
  • Integrated Mr. Gray

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