We have many fundraising options available at DDLab for the youth sports market as well as the high school sports market. Call your sales representative if you want more information or if you need help coming up with a custom fundraiser!

Buttons, Keychains & Magnets

This is the standard in fundraising, with many leagues and schools relying on it year after year. We help you by providing the product at a reduced cost, which you then donate to the league or school to resell. You choose plain or designer products. and we process and package the job in bulk, so you can get everything back to your customer to sell and raise the money that they need.

Coach & Sponsor Plaques

Instead of giving cash rebates this year, or to significantly reduce the amount of cash you do end up paying, consider donating free coach and/or sponsor plaques. The perceived value is much more than what you actually pay, and with the vast array of graphics and plaque styles from DDLab, you can’t go wrong with this idea!

SportsPress Book Ad Pages

You can use the additional pages in the middle of the SportsPress book to sell ad space as a fundraiser for leagues and schools. Local businesses can choose to be a sponsor and place an ad or a coupon in the book. Sponsorship costs vary depending on the size of the ad in the book and how much you want to charge for each size. This has the potential to raise thousands of dollars!


with our new sports press book program!

Each player is the STAR of their own magazine!

The new SPORTSPRESS program from ddlab is the most popular new service that takes your traditionally lose prints and turns them into a unique delivery piece that every parent will love to get each season! NO more loose photographs that get lost in a drawer! Now you get a customized magazine with a custom cover. The SPORTSPRESS program is available for photos shot traditionally and also in the green screen program!

It’s Actually Less Expensive!

You would think that this would be more expensive than traditional units, but you would be wrong! Since these are printed on our high-quality professional press printers and then high gloss coated we can provide you with photo quality SPORTSPRESS books for a fraction of the normal unit price!

*All units must be ordered in quantities of 2
Portrait Units .90 each
Front & Back Cover .30 each
Inside Front & Back Cover .30 each
CoverAdvertising Units .30 each

Looking for a product that will separate you from the competition?


By using the inside pages to promote Online orders and showcase additional items.


Impress teams, schools and parents by offering a superior product that stands apart from your competitors.


Use the inside pages to sell add space as a fundraiser for your league and stop paying commissions!

Increase Sales & Book more Leagues!

  • Use in conjunction with our new Online ordering system to increase your Online sales and re-orders.
  • Impress your leagues and board members by delivering your package prints in a professionally printed magazine format.
  • Stop paying commissions. Use the additional pages to sell ad space as fundraisers for your leagues.
  • Increase your sales average by delivering a premium product to your customer.
  • Parents & league directors will be so impressed you are certain to retain your leagues and get more referrals.