No Database? No Problem

In the world of youth sports photography, getting an up-to-date and accurate database can be challenging. With Waldo’s Face Matching and Jersey Matching technology,  this is no longer an issue.

Face Matching Technology allows you to photograph as much as you want without having to concern yourself with who’s in every photo. Then let the Face Matching technology, automatically find every image of every player and match them up for you automatically.

Jersey Matching Technology is a lifesaver for action, Photographers, especially if you’re photographing a sport with helmets. What is technology can pick out jersey numbers and match it to a specific person without needing to see a face.

Automate Your Photo Days! & Increase Your Average Order Value

  • No rosters or database required
  • Mobile proof delivery
  • Supports Memory Mates Product
  • Direct shipping packages to your parents

Perfect for..

  • Youth Sports
  • Schools
  • High School Sports
  • Gymnastic
  • Dance Schools
  • Action Photography
  • Event Photo
  • & more…

FaceBlocker Technology

Tired of seeing your screenshots of your images all over social media? Waldo’s patented Face Blocker technology helps prevent screen capture, and photo theft and therefore increases sales.

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