Book More Business & Increase Sales

With Our New SportsPress Book Program!

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Each Player Is The STAR Of Their Own Magazine!

The new SportsPress program from DDLab is the most popular new service that we have to offer! It takes your traditionally loose prints and turns them into an unique delivery piece that every parent will love to get each season. No more loose photographs that get lost in a drawer! Now you can get a customized magazine with a custom cover filled with your package prints. The SportsPress program is available for photos shot traditionally and also in the new Extreme Sports system.

Amazing Value! It’s Actually Less Expensive!

You would think that this would be more expensive than traditional 8×10 units but you would be wrong! Since these are printed on our high-quality, professional press machines and then high gloss coated we can provide you with a photo-quality SportsPress book for a fraction of the normal unit price!

Note: All units for the SportsPress book must be ordered in quantities of 2.

  • Portrait Unit Price 90¢ each
  • Front & Back Cover 60¢ total/per book
  • Inside & Back Cover 60¢ total/per book
  • Additional Advertising Units 30¢ each

Increase Sales & Book More Business!

The SportsPress Book Is More Than Just A Delivery Method!

Use The SportsPress Book & OrderMorePix Together!

Use the SportsPress Book in conjunction with our post-photo day online ordering system to increase sales even after the photos have been delivered! 

Stop Paying Commissions!

Use the inside pages to sell ad space as a fundraiser or directly to local businesses as ad space that you collect to cover your costs and eliminate your cost to the league!